What is Flutter?

Flutter is a dating app that only works on Sundays with matches and messages expiring at midnight.

When can I use Flutter?

The entire dating experience on Flutter, including viewing, matching, and chatting with other members, only works on Sundays. During the rest of the week, you can still use Flutter to edit and improve your profile. 

Why does Flutter only work on Sundays?

We realized that nobody dates 24/7 so we shouldn’t be on dating apps 24/7. That is why we made Flutter only work on one day of the week. We chose Sunday because it’s the day when people have the most free time and can dedicate it to dating. And we also love the idea of starting the new week with a new connection. 


What happens on Sundays?

On Sunday morning, you will be added to the waitlist if your profile has been reviewed. You will then have until the afternoon to claim your spot and be added to the dating pool. Later that night, you can view, like, and comment on recommended profiles. After a couple of hours, matches will be released and messaging will begin. You then have until midnight to make a move before everything expires forever! 


What happens to my activity?

After Sunday, all your matches and conversation history will erase forever. In other words, it’s your one chance to make a move! We have realized that dating should be purposeful, and a dating app should just be the icebreaker. If you get along with a match, we encourage you to share contact information so you can connect beyond Flutter and hopefully go on a date IRL that week! 


How do I get accepted?

We believe in curating a trusted community of daters on Flutter. Everybody's profile on Flutter is reviewed for completeness and authenticity. If you make a profile, you will be added to the waitlist to be reviewed. We hold referrals very highly and will let you jump to the front of the waitlist if a friend on Flutter refers you with an invite code. 

Why is my profile still in review?

We take security very seriously and will manually review all profiles for authenticity. Additionally, Flutter is a space for people actually interested in dating, so we check to make sure your profile is complete and serious. Easy on the bathroom selfies!  If you’ve taken the right steps and are still stuck in review, please email us at support@joinflutter.com


Where is Flutter available?

Flutter is currently only available in the Bay Area, but we’re planning on expanding to more cities in 2020. If you’re interested in helping us grow in your area, please email us at support@joinflutter.com

Why did we build Flutter?

As real people who use dating apps, we began to notice how frustrating the experience was for actual dating. People use dating apps at different times, and matches can live forever. This has caused issues like ghosting and stale conversations. We applaud the teams that have paved the way for us in online dating and now want to create a product that goes further. 

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Flutter is a fun, fast-paced dating app that only works on Sundays with matches and messages expiring at midnight. Dating should be an exciting experience that moves relationships forward.